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Greek Gods
Greek gods and their Jobs


Greek gods and their Jobs

Greek Gods
Greek Name Roman Name Occupation
Zeus Jupiter Captain of Gods
Poseidon Neptune God of the Sea
Hades Pluto God of the Underworld
Hera Juno Goddess of Marriage/Queen of Gods
Hestia Vesta Goddess of the Hearth/Home
Ares Mars God of War
Athena Minerva Goddess of Education/Science/Virginity
Apollo Apollo/Sol/Pheobus God of Sun
Artemis Diana Goddess of the Hunt/The moon
Aphrodite Venus Goddess of Love/Beauty
Hermes Mercury God of Commerce/Speed
Hephaestus Vulcan God of the Forge/Fire
Eros Cupid God of love
Persephone Proserpina Unwilling bride of Pluto
Goddess of spring
Dionysos Bacchus God of wine/God of revelry
Demeter Ceres Goddess of earth and Harvest
Pan Inuus/Faunus Son of Hermes 1/2 goat Trickster
Kastor & Polydeukes Castor & Pollux The Heavenly Twins
Aeolus --- King of Winds
Boreas --- North Wind
Zephir --- West Wind
Notus --- South Wind
Eurus --- East Wind
Iris --- The Rainbow Goddess
Aether --- Greek God of Light
Hygeia --- God of health
Hebe --- Goddess of Youth
Hecate Trivia Goddess of the dark/magic
Eris Discordia Goddess of discord
Nike Victory Goddess of victory
Erinyes Furies -Delivered Justice
Eos Aurora Goddess or the Dawn
Hespera --- Goddess of Dusk
Hypnos --- God of sleep
Nemesis --- Goddess of Revenge
Mors --- God of Death
Morpheus --- God of Dreams
Hercules --- God of strength