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Greek Gods
Greek gods and their Jobs

Nabil Nakkash
English Odyssey Website

The Greek gods are one of the most important aspects in the Greek Empire's history. These gods were all human from the outside but they possessed incredible power and strength. The Greek people had a god for everything they had in there society. The gods could have been war gods or love gods with many others to worship. These gods were made up by the Greek people to explain everything that was happening around them. If it did not rain for a long period of time and their crops started to die out they would say that the rain god was mad at them and they would provide him with a sacrifice, statue, temple, or anything else that would please him or her. There are more than 13 gods in the Greek culture and each one stands for something. The Greeks also made a messenger for the gods called Hermes. With the many different gods there are a few that stand out like Zeus the king of the gods and Hera his wife. Other examples of gods are Hermes, Poseidon, Artemis, and Hephaestus.


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